About us

Who we are

Aqua is the Association of water and heat meter manufacturers.


Being a Recognised
Body by the European
Commission Aqua is
part of the Orgalim
network and represents
its members when
dealing with national and
international institutions
and authorities.


We believe that
European Standards
help to ensure
that products are
of the highest quality
and fully conform to
the present and future
requirements of the
industry and consumers.


Aqua members are constantly investing in new technologies to meet industry needs for more frequent and accurate measurement information. 10 countries are represented in AQUA, out of 27 EU members.


The objectives of Aqua and its members are focused on:

Promoting Common European Standards
in relation to:
- Quality
- Measurement accuracy "M.I.D."
- Communication
- Products in contact with potable water
- Promoting Environment friendly products
and production processes

2. Bringing technologies that meet the needs of industry and end consumers

3. Working with other associations and groups to ensure compatibility with future smart metering solutions

4. Providing support to industry and end customers in the field of water and heat metering


Aqua is organised with a General Assembly, an Executive Committee and three working groups (WG): WG Water; WG Thermal Energy and WG Communication. All Aqua members are represented in the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

  • Residing General Secretary and Treasurer is Mr. Maïka Haddad
  • Residing President is Mr. Olivier Carnal
  • Residing Convenor WG Thermal Energy is Mr. Ulrich Eff
  • Residing Convenor WG Water is Mr. Dominique Doucet
  • Residing Convenor WG Communication is Mr. Markus Helfenstein

Our foundation

The first talks concerning the foundation of a European Association of Manufacturers of Water meters took place in Brussels in January 1958. It was an informal meeting between Marcel Nicaise, managing director of Contimeter SA and Paul Huysmans of EGEA SA. It was decided to organize an inaugural meeting with representatives from Belgium, France, West-Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
The first international meeting took place in Zürich on 4th March 1958. This is when the association was named AQUA. The board of representatives of the founding countries and further a technical and a commercial committee were being installed.