In business for more than 100 years, our company is recognized by a profound knowledge in mechanical water meters production.

For more than 100 years JANZ has been developing innovative products for the measurement and monitoring of water. We create reliable, accurate, and eco- friendly products for a connected world and we use technology for a better management of this finite resource. We believe in taking actions with real impact on water management. We believe in the smart way.

 Thousands of customers from the most diverse corners of the world trust in our solutions. While helping our customers to take smarter decisions we are contributing to a more sustainable world. Leaks are minimized. Systems can be optimized. Less water needs to be pumped. Less energy is consumed, leading up to a lower production for the same consumption.

 JANZ is leading the way to a future where, through the smart use of technology, water utilities, cities and consumers connect to the most important resource on the planet, the one that makes life possible: WATER

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