• AQUA VIEW ON "EU Regulations on Data Protection 27.4.2016/25.5.2018 GDPR"

    Find attached the AQUA VIEW in its present version.

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  • EDW - European Drinking Water - Press Release

    AQUA supports EDW

    AQUA supports the position and the last EDW Press Release as attached concerning the revision of the EU Drinking Water Directive

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    Product & Production Certification

    In order to get their products on the market Water Meter manufacturers under the “old approach” needed to have their product approved (Model Approval) and the meter verified (Primary Verification) after they had been produced. Today and under the “new approach” three different ways (Modules) can be used in order to get a product approved to be used for commercial transactions. This document describes the three possible Modules.

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    Notified Bodies

    In order to get a product ready to go on the market and used for commercial transactions, both the product itself and the manufacturing processes have to go trough a series of verifications (see product and production certification presentation). The inspections, audits… are done by bodies (Notified Bodies) who have been approved to fulfill those tasks. Each body gets notified for one or more of the Model as defines in the production certification presentation.

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    Type Approval

    In order to get his product on the market and used for commercial transactions a Water Meter Manufacturer needs to get a Type Approval (formally called Model Approval) for his product. In order to get this approval the product has got to go trough a series of test which are listed in the document herewith. The document also shows a comparison between the formal approval and the new one under the present MID.

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  • MID/EN14154 Measuring Instruments Directive

    Short Overview

    In the past, country specific approvals were needed to sell measuring instruments in EU. For the future, only one type examination certificate acc. the new Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) for the EU.

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